Puccini "Madam Butterfly" at Royal Albert Hall, London

Puccini "Madam Butterfly" at Royal Albert Hall, London
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The Mail on Sunday, London,England, 06-MARCH 2011

マダム·バタフライ(蝶々夫人)01_2011年03月 The petite Japanese soprano Asako Tamura is a first-class singing actress: a credible, very Oriental Butterfly in all her teenage gaucheness in Act I, and then, in Western dress, turning up the emotional temperature, so her eventual suicide really shocks.


The show is heavily miked, but her voice, albeit not the most beautiful of instruments, survived the scrutiny really well.

written by David Mellor


Madame Butterfly

Madame·Butterfly01 The second index had as the great star, the impressive ASAKO
TAMURA’s Butterfly.
She displayed a great vocal performance,
and a performance of extraordinarily dramatic intensity.
In addition, her grace and natural beauty and her "physique du role" were
other reasons why she was the artist who received the most plaudits of both indexes.


Madame·Butterfly02 In general balance, the second presentation was from my personal opinion more successful than the first one, due to the undoubted captivation of the protagonist (Asako Tamura) and also because Martin Lebel´s baton achieved better results.

SINFONICA〜Critica Musical by Egon Friedler


L'Oracolo L'incantesimo in Teatro Grattacielo


Substituting for Ms.Millo, who was ill, as Giselda, Asako Tamura sang expressively with a bright soprano.
~ ……………………~
as he expressed his love for Ah-Joe, elegantly sung by Ms. Tamura.


Asako Tamura brought a ravishing soprano with impeccable artistry to
the role of Ah-Joe. This oracle predicts a great future for her.
Aprile Millo was scheduled to sing the role of Giselda in this performance but cancelled due to illness.
In her place was Asako Tamura, the Ah-Joe from the previous performance who sang with lustrous power and beauty.
Her vocal soaring soprano flights in this radiant score took this listener to that magic spring garden.

The Italian Voice By Nino Pantano

Asako Tamura sang, as scheduled, Ah-Joe's greeting to the sun and plaint after San-Lui's death, to which she brought apt pathos, in a strong, luminous lyric soprano, floating fine piano tone at the end of the invocation and, replacing Aprile Millo, down with a bad cold, as Giselda, joined tenor José Luis Duval, as Rinaldo, for an intense love duet echoing those in "Walküre," "Tristan und Isolde," and "Ariadne auf Naxos New York’s Performances&Arts Reviews by Bruce-Michael Gelbert

Asako Tamura’s Ah-Yoe was a lovely creation; and she stepped in for Aprile Millo as Giselda. She sang with pure tone and lovely pianissimi.

Classics Today By Robert Levine

….Asako Tamura made a striking impression as Ah-Joe, one of opera’s many delicate oriental maidens with a larynx of steel (Teatro Gratticielo has already presented Mascagni’s Iris)….

OPERA TODAY opera new, commentary, and reviews from around the world
By John Yohalem


La Traviata

La Traviata

The show's success is vitally dependent on the title character; El Paso will fall in love with Asako Tamura's portrayal of this demanding role.
Her voice rings into every corner of the hall, and her impassioned singing engages you throughout.
Worthy of mention is her final act.
With the waitingpitfalls of melodrama, she navigates the performance with a unique earnestness that fully realizes Verdi's most complete heroine.

El paso times 'Traviata' does not disappoint By Philip Christiansen


I Masnadieri

I Masnadieri

The demanding role of Amalia is the largest in the opera, and Asako Tamura's singing was on the first-rate level.
The Japanese soprano has the stratospheric range and high notes for a role personally tailored by Verdi for the Swedish songbird Jenny Lind.
Tamura displayed flexibility in the coloratura flights, soaring through the ensembles and showing agility in the fireworks at DeRenzi’s very fast tempos.

Sun- Sentinel South Florida By Lawrence A.Johnson, classical music writer

As Amalia, Asako Tamura, is blessed with a glittering soprano that can easily manage the many trills, unforgiving leaps and ornamentation demanded by the score.
Her voice is supple, clear, accurate and well modulated.

Wining & Dining Wednesday,March8, 2006 By Chip Ludlow, Arts reviewer

Asako Tamura made a believable Amalia; she sang with a meltingly beautiful pianissimo and the agility of a skilled dramatic coloratura.

The Observer,BY June le BELL,announcer for WQXR,the classical radio station in NYC

Amalia, sung beautifully by soprano Asako Tamura, was dazzling in a series of breathtaking arias that are highly decorated, extremely difficult and touching.

sarasota Herald-Tribune Music trumps conventional wisdom in 'Robbers' BY RICHARD STORM, correspondent

Sarasota Opera’s Asako Tamura gave an arresting performance as Amalia, gracefully managing all of the high warbling when she first appeared in the third scene of Act I.
But the song is strangely schizophrenic, obviously written as a virtuosic vehicle for Lind.
More authentic and touching was Amalia’s Act II scene before the tomb of her uncle, accompanied by harp.
Another highlight came in Act III, with Tamura and Geer’s performance of the gorgeously modulated soprano–tenor duet.

St.Petersburg Times and Opera News By JOHN FLEMING,

Asako Tamura ha mostrato una grande flessibilita,impressionante delicatezza sulle note acute e senso della linea di canto.
Il suo timbro era caldo e lirico

L'OPERA(Italian opera magazine)By Christine Gransier

La Amalia de Asako Tamura mostró una gran flexibilidad vocal, una buena línea de canto y seguridad en los agudos,
convirtiendo a su cavatina del segundo acto en el momento más aplaudido de la velada.

Opera Actual(divish Web Magazine) By Roger Steiner


Lucia di Lammermoor

Lucia di Lammermoor Lucia di Lammermoor

Celebration, celebration, celebration!
".. along with the mexican tenor Ramon Vargas, the Opera House has brought a superb soprano, Asako Tamura, who - and here comes the surprise - is not a colorature soprano!
The lovely japanese lady is a lyric soprano with extraordinary abilities and correct intonations.
And it turned out that this role can be sung like this.
Besides the perfect intonation she needed an accurate knowledge of the style and the piece itself. Well done!"
"...Tamura's and Vargas' tour has well deserved the standing ovation of the otherwise languorous crowd.
It was celebration, celebration, celebration!"

MOMUS(Hungary music magazine)


Concorso Di Stefano,il concerto dei vintori

E delineata con notevole finezza e stata l'Oferia del soprano giapponese Asako Tamura dall'Amleto di Thomas, che ha catturato l'attenzione del pubblico.

L'opera Lugio/Agosto


Cardiff Singer Of The World 1999

…..Her voice is brilliant jewel of the voice……

By Graeme Kay(British writer/broadcaster)

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